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Forty Days for Life will expand to round-the-clock vigil

08/17/2018 | Comments

Why would you want to limit God?”

When I heard former Planned Parenthood Director, Sue Thayer say this at my first 40 Days for Life Leader Symposium in July, the words pierced my soul. Have I been limiting God? By choosing to do 12-hour 40 Days for Life prayer vigils instead of 24 hours, have I been limiting his power and love? Have I been asking too little of myself and others when God is calling all of us to do the impossible and to trust in him to work miracles?

As I went outside to pray before the symposium began, I was both figuratively and literally in the desert (in Arizona). While I prayed, God sent me a little hummingbird for encouragement who stayed on the tree next to me for a few minutes.

As I walked along the path in the blistering heat in the Arizona desert, God showed me where a tiny trickle of water had made a path along the dry, sandy ground. Grass and small plants were growing where that water had been flowing. It was a small oasis in the midst of the desert. God revealed to me that this is what is happening with 40 Days for Life, here and around the world. As we pray, fast, and help mothers, fathers and their babies, life grows, love grows, first bit by bit then more and more until the whole world can become an oasis of love and care. The 40 Days for Life effort is that powerful, because it is part of God’s plan to transform our culture.  As I walked on, God showed me a huge cactus plant which I felt represented the trials we have been through and the ones that we will encounter in the future. However, on the cactus plant was fruit and I realized that in the midst of suffering is life.

I went inside the hotel to cool off, but God was not finished revealing to me what he wanted me to share with others. There was a little bird, banging into the window, trying desperately to get inside where it was cool. A worker chased it away from the window, but the bird just came back and kept hurting itself while trying to get inside. God showed me that many of the women we pray for and serve are just like this little bird. Many are desperate. Many don’t know where to turn. Like the little bird, they are stuck in the desert, trying to find a better life. Who will help them? Will you help them?

We can help these women in need through prayer, fasting and outreach during 40 Days for Life. We can help these women in need through the new sidewalk ministry program which began in Colorado Springs in February 2018. The local chapter of Sidewalk Advocates for Life is led by Julie Bailey. Since February, sidewalk advocates have spoken to countless women and men going into the abortion clinic to share with them the free services offered at the pregnancy center. At least four of these women were turned away from the abortion clinic and went to the pregnancy center instead! Julie is always looking for new volunteers to help. Contact her at  

The upcoming fall 40 Days for Life effort will be like no other effort before. Why? We are not going to limit God’s love. We will give him our all and fully trust in him by doing a 24-hour a-day, 40-day prayer vigil.

We are calling on at least 84 heroic men from Catholic, Protestant, and evangelical churches (especially the Knights of Columbus) to sign up for the “Knights at Night.” The “Knights at Night” will pray at the sidewalk during the nighttime hours so women don’t have to be out at the sidewalk in the middle of the night. We are asking these brave and heroic “Knights” to sign up for two-hour time slots once each week during the 40 Days for Life between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. (Sign up online now to get the best hours!)

To cover the daytime hours in prayer, we need 84 prayer volunteers to sign up for 2 hours a week for every week of the campaign. With the “Knights at Night” and the daytime prayer warriors, every hour will be filled with 2 people praying every hour.

We cannot forget our prayer warriors at home. Since some people are not able to pray at the sidewalk, they can decide which days/hours they want to pray at home. We do not have a sign-up vehicle for praying from home but hope to in the future.

Please sign up to pray at the sidewalk at or download the 40 Days for Life app to sign up. Please check the website or app to see which hours are still open and sign up for one of those hours.  Join our 40 Days for Life Facebook Group at: 

Please contact Michele Mason at 719-659-2097 or if you have any questions or if you’d like to help on the leadership team.

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