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Enforcing immigration laws is president’s job

Letter to the Editor

11/02/2018 | Comments

This letter is being written in response to a letter to the Herald from the Sisters of Benet Hill. First, I need to say that I greatly admire, respect and appreciate all women religious for their dedicating their lives in service to God and his church, and I want to personally thank the women religious at Benet Hill for that service. As far as the letter itself is concerned, there are a number of issues I feel I need to address.

The U.S. Constitution, in Article 1 Section 8, gives to the federal government, and specifically to the U.S. Congress, the authority to handle immigration matters, including who and how many people can be admitted into the country and under what conditions. All nations have laws, borders and people. Therefore all countries have to enforce laws and protect their borders and people.

President Trump, as the head of the executive branch of our government, has the duty to enforce our laws and to protect our borders and people. After all, if someone has come into our country illegally, for whatever reason, they’ve already broken the law by doing so. However, in addition to that a number of illegal immigrants have committed serious, violent crimes against innocent American citizens, including acts of rape, robberies, assault and murder.

The cost to this country and our people, of illegal immigration is enormous and growing daily, not only financially, but also in societal disruption and instability, including crime and the influx of gangs, drugs and illegal drug use. In reference to the letter talking about the loss of benefits for immigrants, it’s not clear to me whether that is about legal or illegal immigrants or perhaps to both groups. If it refers to legal immigrants, and they are eligible to receive certain benefits, of course they should continue to be allowed to receive those benefits.

In reference to illegal immigrants receiving benefits, if they’re now by law receiving benefits because of their being entitled to them, they should be allowed to receive those benefits. But I feel the law should be changed in the very near future, to prevent that from happening anymore. Also, if illegal immigrants are not entitled to receive any benefits, they shouldn’t get any.

President Trump is mainly focused on halting illegal immigration and is not in favor of significantly reducing legal immigration. He wants to end chain migration and to transition to a merit based immigration system. If that were to happen, and hopefully it will, in my view it would make it much more likely if someone came into this country, they would be economically independent and not become a financial burden, on American taxpayers.


Jerry Buckingham

       Colorado Springs

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