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Prelude to Hidden Virus of Personal Truth

03/30/2020 | Comments

“Life doesn't begin until birth, so it's not like it matters,” declared Roger, the high school senior son of Jack and Joan Green. He stood, hands in his pockets, oblivious to the truth that his words were counter to any human understanding prior to a few decades ago, or that they were contrary to both science and reason. He did know they were contrary to faith, however. Seeing the astonished looks on his parent's faces, he sought to comfort them, “Don't worry. If anything happened, it would be her choice, so it's not like I'd be on the hook with God or anything.”

Jack and Joan gasped simultaneously.

Meanwhile, in the Flowers home, homeschool was also being attempted for the first time. Sandra read through her math problem; her father, Mark, looking over her shoulder.

His eyes widened, seeing the problem had to do with game theory, hunting, and the relationship between populations of predator and prey and number of hunting licenses that would be granted. “Is this really what twelve-year-olds study?” he muttered to himself.

“Daddy?” began Sandra, hesitantly. “Life begins at birth, so why don't hunters hunt doe in winter or spring or summer? Why are they hunting at all? Hunting is cruel.”

Father and Mother exchanged looks of horror. “Why do you say life begins at birth, Honey?” asked Rachel.

“It's science, Mommy. It's what they taught us in school, so it's true,” she declared. Seeing their looks of disbelief, she added, “Right?”

Rachel and Mark excused themselves to the kitchen.

“I had no idea they were learning this ... are our kids brainwashed?” whispered Rachel, her voice etched with determined concern.

“Maybe,” admitted Mark with a sigh. “We are not prepared for this, are we? How do we get prepared?”

“I bet other Catholic families, who already homeschool, could help. Remember that invitation from Father George to join a video Halo?”

“Oh! Good idea! I'll find the email.”