The Sacrament of Marriage is truly a lifelong project. Each day, we called to renew our commitment to love our beloved the way Christ loves us. The grace of the Sacrament continues to form us into becoming the persons that God made us be, getting closer to heaven in the process. Please review the resources below to see what’s right for you. Most of the resources can be completed by a couple on their own or in a group format in a home or parish setting.


Worldwide Marriage Encounter offers a weekend experience designed to give married couples the opportunity to learn a technique of loving communication that they can use for the rest of their lives. It's a chance to look deeply into their relationship with each other and with God. It's a time to share their feelings, hopes and dreams with each other. The emphasis of the Marriage Encounter weekend is on the communication between husbands and wives. The weekend provides a conducive environment for couples to spend time together, away from the distractions and tensions of everyday life, while encouraging them to focus on each other and their relationship. It's not a retreat, marriage clinic, group sensitivity, or a substitute for counseling. It's a unique approach aimed at revitalizing Marriage. This is a time for you and your spouse to be alone together, to rediscover each other and together focus on your relationship for an entire weekend. Every marriage deserves that kind of attention! For more information and to find out the schedule for the next weekend please click on the link below.

Marriage Encounter Weekend Information