Message to the Faithful:

The Diocese of Colorado Springs is committed to providing pastoral care to Catholics not able to attend Mass and receive their sacramental and spiritual care at a local parish. This includes individuals who are residents of either a long-term or short-term care facility as well as those confined to their home. This “outside” the parish pastoral care is typically provided by the home parish of the resident or the parish within which the resident currently resides. We understand that it is often difficult for newly transitioned individuals to locate and solicit the appropriate care. To meet this pastoral care need, we encourage both the individual(s), or a family member, to reach out to their home parish and/or the Care Facility Ministry team for support and we will work with you to ensure your or your relative’s pastoral needs are being met.

Message to Care Facilities:

We also encourage Care Facility managers to reach out to the Care Facility Ministry team to discuss ways to meet the spiritual needs of your residents. The team is open to meeting individually with residents or conducting group communion services.

Please contact us via email carefacilityministry@diocs.org or call Deacon Cliff Donnelly at (719) 866-6537 or Deacon Dan Tomich (719) 243-8008.

We look forward to working with you.

Deacon Cliff Donnelly
(719) 866-6537

Deacon Dan Tomich
(719) 243-8008