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The Diocese of Colorado Springs shares in Pope Francis’ conviction that everything possible must be done to rid the Church of the scourge of sexual abuse of minors. As such, the diocese has enlisted the benchmark of safe environment platforms.

Spanning across 10 counties, the Diocese of Colorado Springs uses a powerful safe environment platform to train and track all diocesan volunteers, employees, educators and incardinated clergy who have ongoing contact with minors as well as the vulnerable.

Our safe environment platform provides best practices programs for both adults and minors which are designed to prevent wrongdoing and promote “right-doing.” Its framework and training promotes a proactive and reactive response to child sexual abuse. Through education and subsequent awareness, these programs underscore and compliment the diocesan mindset of, “See something. Say something.”

In order to volunteer around youth or the vulnerable, contact your local parish or school Safe Environment Coordinator.

Questions? Please contact OCYP Director Deacon Thomas Dickinson at (719) 866-6479.