ORDINARY CANONICAL PROCESS for a Declaration of Nullity of Marriage

The ordinary canonical process is a process which depends largely on written and oral testimony from the parties and witnesses. As such, it is more complex and time consuming than a lack of form or ligamen case. The ordinary process can be pursued if a lack of form, ligamen, or dissolution of marriage cannot be pursued. Click the links below for the petition form for the ordinary process.


Form in English


Petition Form for the Ordinary Process

Form in Spanish

Formulario de Peticion para el Proceso Ordinario

Process Overview

The ordinary canonical process for a declaration of nullity is complex and can seem overwhelming. The process normally takes between 12-18 months because of this complexity. The following chart lists the nine steps of the process and explains the meaning of each step. There are two required face to face meetings throughout the process. Also, seven letters are sent out throughout the process. The timing of these letters is indicated in red type.