Finance Officer

Wayne Paton

Phone: (719) 636-2345





Robert Coniker Controller
Jose Rodriguez Accounting Manager
Stacey Gibson Accounts Receivable Clerk
Michelle Schumacher Accounting Clerk and Administrative Assistant
Melissa Martinez Accounts Payable and Donation Processing Clerk
Janet Hutchinson Director of Benefits and Pension Funds
Henry Graski Maintenance Technician
Wayne Peterson Properties Manager
Jennifer Bernal Receptionist
Shaundrika Gladden Receptionist




Overview of Department Responsibilities








Diocesan Budgeting
Diocesan Financial Reporting
Diocesan Investments
Securities Liquidation
Contract Administration
Claims & Litigation
Official Catholic Directory
Business Management Services
Diocesan Accounting
Diocesan Audit & Internal Controls
Parish Accounting & Budgeting
Parish Fiscal Review
Parish Consolidated Financial Statements
Accounts Receivable:Diocesan & The Catholic Herald


Employee Benefits Workers' Compensation
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Tax Sheltered Annuities
Section 125 Plan (Flexible Spending Account)
Lay Employees Pension Plan
Priests' Pension Plan
Retired Priests' Medical Plan


Buildings & Property

Management LandPurchases & Sales
Construction, Renovation & Demolition
Capital Replacement
Property Tax Exemption
Facility Management
Office Services