The Office of Worship's mission is to coordinate liturgies with the bishop and provide liturgical resources to parishes of the diocese. The office currently provides resources in the form of researching and responding to topics of inquiry, sponsoring guest speakers, providing liturgical training to parish liturgical leadership, and publishing a bi-monthly newsletter.


Rev. David R. Price
Phone: (719) 866-6439


Training Video for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion


EMHC Video in English

After viewing the video please contact your parish representative to sign your mandation request form.

Video de MESC en español

Después de ver el vídeo, por favor contacte a su representante de su parroquia para firmar su formulario de solicitud de Mandation.

Institution of Acolytes

The program is currently on hold. The pastoral need to have Acolytes will be reevaluated when communion under both kinds is restored. Our process of training and approving men for this ministry is outlined in the following document:
Ministry of Acolyte