The Archives of the Diocese of Colorado Springs are a depository of church records and historical resources available to qualified researchers, historians, and students. The Archives are located in the Chancery Office, 228 North Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903 (719-636-2345).

General Information

  • The Archives are open for approved research and examination at the discretion of the Archivist, from whom an appointment should be requested in advance by telephone or mail.

  • No general permission for unsupervised examination or copy of archival materials will be given. Only the Archivist may search the original records for the particular manuscript or information requested.

  • Duplication or copy of archival materials in any form is not permitted without written permission from the Chancellor.

  • In conformity with accepted practice, ink may not be used for personal notes while in the Archives.

Sacramental and Parish Research

The Archivists will accept requests, by telephone or by mail, for sacramental information required for celebration or convalidation of marriage, determination of Social Security/Welfare benefits, or application for citizenship and United States Passports. However, the sacramental records in the Archives for the Diocese of Colorado Springs begin in 1984. Previous indexes are sporadic at best. All parishes have sacramental records for their parish and are able to produce new certificates of the listing.

Professional Historical Research

Requests to conduct historical research by authors and students must be in writing.


Office of the Chancellor
228 North Cascade Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903