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Acknowledging sacrifices made by families of deacons

Letter to the Editor

07/03/2020 | Comments

I have a very personal experience with one of the new deacons in the Diocese of Colorado Springs. For the last five years, my dad has been studying to be a deacon. To be a deacon, he had to devote every Thursday to class, not to me. My mom went to the classes.

He also had to go to quarterly workshops and sometimes he had to on retreats with my mom. I spent many hours with babysitters, as he started the program when I was six. On Sundays, he would also help out at mass as lector, or an acolyte as he moved through the program.

The deacon formation program has been both a blessing and a curse. I have enjoyed listening to what he has been learning, as well as meeting the other deacon candidate families. Sometimes, I came to class as well. One time we went to Buena Vista, and I was able to climb some rocks there. It was frustrating sometimes when he was focusing more on his studies than on me.

In the end, I think it was worth it because he is now able to help us both spiritually, and he has more time for us now that he is not in class every week.

Christian Kennedy


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