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Legacy Society members honored at yearly Mass

11/18/2016 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. Those who include Catholic institutions in their estate planning are similar to the cathedral builders of the Middle Ages who labored their entire lives but did not live to see the churches completed,  members of the Catholic Legacy Society were told during the society’s annual Mass and luncheon on Nov. 3 at St. Paul Church. 

“As members of the Catholic Legacy Society, you are like those cathedral builders,” said Andy Barton, President and CEO of Catholic Charities of Central Colorado. “Your contributions to our community and our Church to this point have built upon a foundation that was developed many years ago, and there is no more noble legacy that you can leave than to support this work moving forward. Whether you have chosen to remember Catholic Charities, Catholic schools, campus ministry, your parish, or seminarians in your planned gift, what you’re doing is ensuring that generations that come after will benefit from this work today.”

Barton used the example of Mary Shore, a resident of Colorado Springs who upon her death in 2007 gave a part of her estate to Marian House soup kitchen, with the directive that the money be used to support the poor in El Paso County.  

“At that time, the Marian House that Mary Shore knew  was  smaller, more crowded and nearing the end of its life,” Barton said. “Nine years later, we have built a new Marian House, and every year, Mary Shore’s gift helps us not only to provide those meals but gives us the financial security to go further.” That includes opening a family day center and helping more than 100 people find jobs, Barton said.

 “If Mary were to walk into Marian House today, she would probably be surprised to see that we house a day center for families experiencing homelessness — families who otherwise would be spending their days at the YMCA or the library,” Barton said. “Mary might not recognize that as what the Marian House is, but she’s a part of making that happen,” Barton said. “By supporting the work through her legacy,  Mary Shore continues to help our poor and vulnerable and will continue to do so for generations to come.”

For information on the Catholic Legacy Society, contact Charlie McIntyre at 719-866-6518.

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