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Human cost of abortion is staggering

Letter to the Editor

10/18/2019 | Comments

The Sept. 15th issue of the Gazette contained a sickening article: “Over 2000 fetal remains found at ex-abortion doctor’s home.”
Seeing as Ulrich Klopfer is dead, I guess  he is now both an ex-abortionist and an ex-doctor.
But the article needs interpretation to comprehend the enormity of the crimes against humanity that this person committed. Oh yes, I  know abortion is legal all the way through pregnancy in Colorado.
The article goes on to relate that 2,246 human babies preserved  in formaldehyde were found in Mr. Klopfer’s home. There has been lots of distress verbalized about this.
Figuring 25 students to a classroom, that is more than eight classrooms of children! If a tornado ripped into a school and destroyed eight classrooms (might be a whole school), there would be national mourning for the victims. How will we mourn for these children?
If these 2246 children  had been allowed to get an education and grow up, there would be first responders, police officers, physicians, dentists, teachers of every level, artists, musicians, draftsmen, laborers, factory employees, farmers, ranchers, city planners, medical and dental personnel, scientists, pilots, Army, Navy and Air Force members, hospital workers and  more.
If the average wage or salary for half of the people was $50,000 a year for 20 years, think of all the real estate, homes, cars, trucks, insurance, televisions, food, clothing, vacations and household furnishings they would buy. That would change  a lazy economy to a thriving economy! Think of what the actual numbers would mean.
    Evelyn French
    Colorado Springs

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