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General superior of Sisters of St. Francis travels to Colorado Springs from Germany for canonical visitation of province

11/01/2019 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. Sister Magdalena Krol, the General Superior of the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration from Olpe, Germany, spent Oct. 1-24 conducting a canonical visitation of St. Joseph Province with the Sisters at Mount Saint Francis.

As part of her canonical visitation, Sister Magdalena met with each individual sister to talk about their communal and personal prayer life, community relationships, interactions and ministry/volunteer engagements. At the end of her visit, Sister Magdalena offered a reflection of her insights and pearls of wisdom to all the sisters.

Sister Magdalena was able to spend time with members of Catholic Health Initiatives to better understand the transfer of the Mount Saint Francis property to Catholic Health Initiatives. Dominican Sister Peggy Martin, a civil and canonical lawyer, along with a translator, were able to assist Sister Magdalena in her understanding of the canonical as well as the civil implications of the transfer of the property, which was effective July 1.

In ongoing discussions, Sister Magdalena grasped the significance of this partnership as being beneficial to both the sisters and to Catholic Health Initiatives. The transfer will enable the sisters to continue their core ministries — Mount St. Francis Nursing Center, Franciscan Retreat Center and Franciscan Community Counseling — for as long as they desire and will ensure preservation of their heritage, patrimony, and legacy.

In further conversations with Bishop Michael Sheridan as well as Tom Gessel, Centura Group President of Colorado and Kansas, Sister Magdalena gained clarity regarding this move forward in the future planning of the Sisters at Mount Saint Francis.

Sister Magdalena participated in Pastoral/Spiritual Care Liturgy at Penrose Hospital, meeting Dr. Brian Erling, President and CEO of Penrose - St. Francis, as well as the chaplains and chaplain volunteers for spiritual services. During her meeting with Tom Gessel, she had the opportunity to hear of the new additions at St. Francis Medical Center.

The visit afforded Sister Magdalena the opportunity to view the beautiful aspen trees near Cripple Creek, the Garden of the Gods, a stop at the Florissant Fossil Beds, and the Royal Gorge as part of her Colorado excursion.

Upon leaving Colorado Springs, Sister Magdalena flew to Chicago to continue canonical visitation with the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Province in Mishawaka, Indiana, before returning to Olpe, Germany.

(Sister Nadine Heimann is a member of the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration’s St. Joseph Province.)

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