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Catholic Church is correct in prioritizing abortion issue

Letter to the Editor

11/01/2019 | Comments

I’d like to respond to letter writer Jim Hayek’s “pet peeve” of the Church failing to draw a line of moral equivalence — and to implement consequential ministerial effort — between opposition to abortion and the “proliferation of violent assault weapons.”

First, when someone procures an abortion, how many lives are lost? At least one. When someone buys an “assault weapon — a rather nebulous descriptive created for a political purpose, unlike abortion — how many people die? Answer, zero.  How many abortions are performed in the U.S. every year? Almost 700,000 as of 2015 (Centers for Disease Control).

How many “assault weapons” are owned in the U.S.? According to the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Institute (SAAMI), at least 16 million AR-15s, and probably an equal number of other types, like AK-47s. How many people die from the misuse of “assault weapons?” According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, in 2017, 403 people were killed by long guns of all types — so few from so-called “assault weapons” that the FBI doesn’t even break them out by category — and far fewer than the number of deaths due to alcohol abuse, drowning in swimming pools, car accidents — or abortion.

So, Mr. Hayek, it seems the Catholic Church is making wise use of its moral capital and ministerial resources. Maybe you’d like to reorient your own priorities from party — the one that single-mindedly supports both gun control and abortion — to faith?

                Ares Koumis

                Colorado Springs

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