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Don’t compare gun violence to abortion

Letter to the Editor

11/01/2019 | Comments

It’s a sign that our moral bearing is skewed when someone conflates the millions of innocent souls who have been slaughtered in the womb since 1973 and those who died by the hand of murderers who misuse firearms (“Truth encompasses more than the abortion issue,” Letter, Oct. 18).

The letter writer regrets the repetitive message of the evil of abortion, but perhaps that’s because nearly half of Catholics voted for former President Obama, whose unholy support of late-term abortions was truly despicable and a moral stain on the Democratic Party. 

The so-called assault weapons the writer wishes to ban were indeed banned for a full decade and the result was that it made no significant difference in the murder rate with those weapons.  That’s because despite the hyperbolic media attention they garner, they constitute a statistically insignificant percent of murders by firearms.

If draconian gun laws translated into low homicide rates, Chicago would be the safest large city in America. But common sense and empirical evidence tells us that criminals never obey the law.

While we all lament the tragic loss of life at the hands of murderers, let’s lay the blame where it belongs and that is with those who wantonly flout our laws. But linking that with the horrors of abortion is a transparently misinformed rhetorical sleight-of-hand.

                Philip Mella

                Woodland Park

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