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Holy Apostles unveils remodeled parish library

03/20/2020 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. On March 1, Holy Apostles Parish celebrated the grand re-opening of its parish library, which is located on the lower level of the church building.

The library was closed during the month of February, during which time it underwent a complete remodeling and reorganization.

Not only was the space repainted and outfitted with new furniture and shelving, but a children’s area and coffee shop were added to the library. Brittany Rottinghaus redesigned the layout of the library and painted a wall mural that matches the stained glass window in the church sanctuary.

All of the books and DVDs have been given barcodes, so that in the future items can be checked out electronically.

The library is currently closed as part of the precautions the diocese is taking against the spread of coronavirus. However, the leadership team hopes that, once it reopens, additional volunteers will come forward so that its hours can be expanded.

Queen of Apostles Library was created by Elaine Tourville 32 years ago at the behest of former pastor Father Paul Wicker, with thousands of books and movies donated by parishioners and others.

“We are known as the only ‘full-service’ library in the diocese, meaning that we had staff on duty every Sunday (except holidays),” Tourville said. “I have been blessed to be part of this ministry for so many years.”

Although she has since stepped down from her position as head of the library, Father Jim Baron, pastor of Holy Apostles, expressed his appreciation for her decades of service.

“Our library would not have existed but for Elaine’s resourceful initiative,” Father Baron said. “Her vision and leadership have been a true gift that will be built upon for generations to come.”

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