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Parking lot project builds community amid pandemic

05/15/2020 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. Like Catholics everywhere, members of Our Lady of the Pines Parish have not had much opportunity to visit the church or each other.

So Doug and Jennifer Brummel, Directors of Marriage and Family Life Ministry, came up with a creative way to give members of the parish a chance to visit from a distance and express their faith. The project, which took place at the end of April, was titled “Parking Lot Praise.”

“With Mass and all programming canceled due to the virus, parishioners were missing the community,” said Jennifer Brummel. “This project afforded them the chance to be a part of something to benefit not only the parish but the community at large.”

The parking lot was divided into four zones, and each parking space was assigned a specific number, explained Brummel. Households and individuals signed up for a specific time to decorate their designated parking space while keeping a safe distance from others.

“Over 350 people decorated 87 parking spaces with images and words of hope and inspiration,” Brummel said. “The project was completed over the course of 2 days in 18 hours.”

Once the drawings were finished, parishioners were invited to tour the parking lot and view the artwork. The project was deemed an instant success, and photos of the parking lot spread across the country via social media.

“It was delightful seeing people coming out and casually strolling the parking lot — smiling, waving from a distance and enjoying the experience,” Brummel said. “There was even one family that enjoyed a picnic lunch on the church lawn after looking at all the spaces.”

An aerial view of the parking lot at Our Lady of the Pines Parish decorated with artwork and messages drawn by parishioners is shown in a drone photo. (Photo courtesy of Jennifer Brummel)

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