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Use of public transportation should be encouraged

Letter to the Editor

06/05/2020 | Comments

As I a child in Fort Worth, Texas, I remember an unusual ending to Mass. Our priest concluded Mass with these words, “Now go in peace to love and serve the Lord and try not to kill each other leaving the parking lot.” These words of wisdom were long before the term “road rage” became a common phrase in the United States.

During the initial stage of the pandemic, Mountain Metropolitan Transit ran buses free from fares for passengers. According to passengers and drivers, the buses were packed. When fares came back, ridership declined dramatically. In fact, boarding the bus near the Veterans Administration, one rider disembarked and I boarded. During the entire trip, the driver and I were the only people on the bus.

If car drivers were required to pay a $1.75, full bus fare, every time they left their driveway or parking space, I wonder if less car traffic might be in our future along with using the additional revenue to improve bus service.

In the article “Parking lot project builds community amid pandemic” by Veronica Ambuul, I learned of a creative alternative use for parking lots. I do agree with the Justice, Peace, and Intergrity of Creation Commission that now is the time reverse direction and begin respecting and protecting nature as Pope Francis has clearly called us to do. “A person standing on the edge of a cliff is wise to define progress as one step back.” Returning to free bus service can be an important first step as continued accommodation of the automobile is a dead end.

Tom Noonan

Colorado Springs

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