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Julia Hypolite, founding member of Council for Black Catholics, dies at age 80

06/19/2020 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. Julia Ann Hypolite, a founding member of the Colorado Springs Council for Black Catholics, died May 21 at age 80. Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated June 3 at St. Joseph Parish in Colorado Springs.

Hypolite was born Oct. 31, 1939 in New Iberia, Louisana, and graduated from St. Edward’s Catholic High School. She earned a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems from Pikes Peak Community College and worked as a warehouse supervisor for Ampex Corporation and Digital Equipment until her retirement in 1991.

Hypolite was an active member of St. Joseph Parish, volunteering as a lector, educator, finance - committee member and more.

In 1990, she and three other women started the Colorado Springs Council for Black Catholics. Hypolite held the office of president for 10 years. Today the council is diocese-wide, with members from many parishes in Colorado Springs.

Hypolite was instrumental in defining the council’s mission statement, helped begin the merit scholarship program to give all children in the diocese the opportunity to attend Catholic schools, and was a delegate to the National Black Catholic Congress.

“When Julia asked if there could be a council for black Catholics in the Diocese of Colorado Springs, I was excited,” said Bishop Emeritus Richard Hanifen. “I knew that there was almost no outreach to our black Catholic community as such. She’s one of the most gentle and classiest women I ever knew. It was great fun to be with them all.”

Hypolite is survived by her loving husband of 56 years, Albert Hypolite Sr., her daughters Yvonne Marie Hypolite-Johnson (Ronald), Claire Louise Hypolite, and Anne Julie Hypolite (Marcellus Mitchell), her step-son, Willie Thomas, and her grandchildren and greatgrandson.

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