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Disregard for human life has roots in attacks of 9-11

Letter to the Editor

06/19/2020 | Comments

In our times, I believe our trials began on 9-11 (with) all the deaths that occurred on that day, including all the medical deaths since then that have happened as a result of 9-11, and all of our freedoms that were lost.

This virus that is out there is man-made. It is wrong to fool with such things. We have never experienced all the restrictions that we have had to face. All people are stressed out.

Now this poor man was killed by the police in Minnesota. One put his knee on the man’s neck till he died. Three others just watched as he did it. I thought police were to serve and protect. If I was there I would have pushed him off. By the video, the policeman is clearly responsible. Now there are riots all over the country.

A thought came to me: if they showed a baby being killed, would they react the same way? Millions have been lost to abortion.

Karl Keas

Colorado Springs

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