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Eucharistic Adoration and 40 Days for Life

09/04/2020 | Comments

The new Pregnancy Center will have a eucharistic adoration chapel upstairs!”

We rejoiced at this news from Father Bill Carmody many years ago.

Some of us have fond memories praying before the Blessed Sacrament in the attic of the Old Colorado City Pregnancy Center. Sure, it was freezing cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer. In fact, sometimes it was so hot, sweat would drip down the face of the adorer who was there. However, even in those extreme conditions, we were so incredibly blessed to be with Our Lord, asking him to save lives and to stop the abortions that were happening right across the street at Planned Parenthood on Colorado Avenue.

One day a great blessing occurred when a woman praying in adoration got to see a mother choose life for her baby. The whole scene played out right before her eyes from the little window in the adoration chapel. She saw the mother turn away from Planned Parenthood and go to the Pregnancy Center for help. She then went down and told those who were praying at the sidewalk that she saw the whole thing!

Our Eucharistic Lord in that attic chapel heard and answered our prayers in that baby’s saved life and in so many other ways! Nine months after the adoration chapel was opened, Planned Parenthood closed their doors — nine months! God was speaking to us and encouraging us through numbers; nine months is the length of a normal pregnancy.

Why do I mention an event that took place over 10 years ago? There is power in praying before the Blessed Sacrament to end abortion. 

“With this increase in adoration, the number of abortions is going down and, in the last 10 years, over half of the abortion clinics in this country have been shut down,” says Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life.

“The number of abortion facilities in the U.S. is decreasing at approximately the same rate as the number of eucharistic adoration chapels is increasing,” says Father Nate Harburg.

I often ask God, “What more do we need to do for you to close down the abortion clinic on Centennial Boulevard?” While I never get a concrete answer, he gives me moments of clarity, showing me things that will bring us closer to ending abortion in Colorado Springs. This is one of those moments of clarity. Eucharistic adoration will bring us closer to closing the abortion clinic for good.

Many of you who participate in 40 Days for Life are already signed up for eucharistic adoration. For those who are not, I ask you to consider participating in weekly adoration. There are perpetual adoration chapels at Holy Apostles Parish and St. Dominic Parish in Security. Other churches in the diocese have specific days/times set aside every week for eucharistic adoration.

Whether you go to pray for an hour a week or stop by for 15 minutes on the way home from work, please take a few minutes to ask God to close down the abortion clinic here in Colorado Springs and others around the world. Pray for moms in need. Pray for post-abortive moms and dads to find help. Pray for a greater respect for life in our country and world. Pray for strength, courage, and perseverance for all of us in the tumultuous times which are upon us.

“Look upon the hour of adoration assigned to you as an hour in paradise. Go to your adoration as one would to heaven, to the divine banquet. You will then long for that hour and hail it with joy. Take delight in fostering a longing for it in your heart. Tell yourself, “In four hours, in two hours, in one hour, our Lord will give me an audience of grace and love. He has invited me; he is waiting for me; he is longing for me.”— St. Peter Julian Eymard.    

During the upcoming 40 Days for Life effort (Sept. 23-Nov. 1), we are calling on prayer warriors to commit to weekly Eucharistic Adoration and to also commit to pray one or more hours a week at the Centennial sidewalk near Planned Parenthood. We will trust in God with a 24/7 vigil once again, all hours of the day and night for 40 days. (Please pray with one or more people. Please don’t go out alone.)

It is important to recall that when people pray at the sidewalk, it makes a huge difference in the number of lives saved. Remember the words Abby Johnson quoted from Planned Parenthood: “Our no-show rate goes up to 75% when people are outside our clinics praying.” Imagine what those numbers will be with people praying at the sidewalk and people praying simultaneously in Adoration. A large no-show rate equates to babies lives saved and mothers and fathers spared from the pain and regret of abortion.

I don’t think I am asking too much when I call on everyone who can do so to take part in praying at the sidewalk each week and praying in Eucharistic Adoration as well. If some are concerned and don’t want to take time away from family, do it as a family. Our world needs much prayer, especially family prayer.

I can’t wait for the day when we can make the announcement that the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs is closed forever! Let us pray that it happens in 2020!

To pray at the sidewalk near Planned Parenthood for 40 Days for Life (Sept.23-Nov.1), sign up here:

To support those at the sidewalk in prayer as a Barnabas Buddy (praying in adoration or at home), sign up here:  

Contact Michele Mason if you have any questions: 719-659-2097 or

Join us for our 40 Days for Life Kick Off on Sept. 22 at 6:30 p.m. on the sidewalk near Planned Parenthood, 3480 Centennial Blvd. We will have a special guest speaker!

(Michele Mason is director of the 40 Days for Life Colorado Springs campaign.)

(Photos by Jerry Klazura)

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