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Composer Haas is innocent until proven guilty

Letter to the Editor

09/04/2020 | Comments

I am disappointed by the conviction of David Haas as written by Maria Wiering, especially when she stated in her article in the Aug. 7 issue:  “Haas had denied any wrong-doing.” 

The church seems to be going full bore to discredit this man and his music when the jury is still out on his guilt or innocence.  It seems as though Tim O’Malley has already convicted him on alleged conduct with adult females. To ban his music is extreme. Why are we still reading Psalms as part of the Liturgy of the Word when King David was not only guilty of rape but also the conspired murder of his victim’s husband?  Is that also not being “sensitive” to those who have suffered sexual abuse? 

As for me and my house, we will continue to enjoy Haas music in my home as it is beautiful and guided by the Holy Spirit. In today’s culture, the Church should be very careful on condemnation for only accusations lest we say there has been no spiritual growth since the time of Copernicus. 

                Debra Wright


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