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Deeply troubled by Catholics wearing masks in church

Letter to the Editor

09/04/2020 | Comments

I personally am deeply troubled by seeing parishioners wear masks in church for the following main reasons:

1. I believe it offends God (by hiding our face) and prevents us from pure and intimate worship.  We can’t sing, can’t share smile, etc.

2. The mask wearing is done mostly out of fear and several Gospel readings (last week in particular) tell us not to be afraid.

3. It shows that we don’t trust God. Do not worry about tomorrow, today has enough evil. Many other scriptures tell us to trust in God and not rely on our inferior thoughts.

I know there are laws in place but once seated in church, I am certain current law allows us to take off masks.  I have been to several masses at churches around the northern part of the diocese, and the parishioners wear masks throughout the entire service!

I don’t know from personal experience but I read a Colorado Springs Gazette article that said church services at many non- Catholic churches have little to no mask usage.

Why are Catholics so bent on wearing these masks?  

I am praying to Our Holy Mother that we Catholics stop being so afraid and just trust in God.

Leave the masks at home, they don’t belong in Church!

Robert R

Castle Rock

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