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Catholics should judge candidates based on their actions, not be intimidated by culture

Letter to the Editor

10/16/2020 | Comments

As Christians we walk a very fine line, defending and sharing our faith amidst growing hostility without falling into the trap of hypocrisy. In recent decades, many have been intimidated by an aggressive culture that shouts down anything it does not agree with, and frequently it does not agree with Catholicism.

By accusing us of judging, they are using God’s law against us in an attempt to silence the truth. We have lived through scandals in the Church and see prominent Catholic politicians at odds with Church teaching. These are confusing times to say the least. Silence is not the answer. 

As a parent and an employer, I am expected to judge; it comes with responsibility. Judging our children’s behavior and dealing with consequences is part of being a responsible parent. Business and civic leaders are expected to maintain high moral standards, judge behavior and maintain law and order. If the purpose of judging is to promote truth and justice, then it seems reasonable to do so, within the framework of the law.

I cannot see into a person’s heart but I can see what they do; I can judge actions. During this election cycle, I will be judging based on actions and not words. The preeminent moral issue on trial is life, and it is clear which party is in support. The overall issue, in my opinion, is which party platform is leading towards God (the truth) and which party is usurping God. Neither side is perfect but clearly one side is on the wrong path.

                Tom Neppl

                Colorado Springs

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