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Wearing a mask shows concern for others

Letter to the Editor

11/06/2020 | Comments

Having read at least two letters published in recent issues complaining about the wearing of masks during services at Catholic Churches (mainly Mass) I thought they should be balanced by the following thoughts about this issue.

When asked by a disciple which of the commandments was the most important Jesus’ reply included “Love your God with your whole heart and your whole soul . . .” and then:

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” The latter demands me to consider my neighbor’s wellbeing, health and feelings. In this context, I wear a mask in public since I don’t want to infect anyone with Covid-19 on the off chance that I may be asymptomatic. My mask provides some protection for them from my possible infection.

For a similar reason, I avoid crowds when I have a bad cold with a runny nose, sneezing, etc., because I don’t want to adversely affect the health of anyone I come in contact with — in church, movie theater, market or local store. In our present crisis with a virus, I also wear a mask to show my sympathy and concern for those who have been adversely affected by Covid-19 either by isolation, hospitalization or death.

It is somewhat similar to the times when I make the sign of the cross to show some connection to someone under stress. To me wearing a mask is like wearing decent clothes and being acceptably clean when I go out in public (including attendance at Mass).

Having said all that, perhaps the main reason I wear a mask is because I choose to believe in the advice and counsel of a continuing parade of well-known health professionals, including one who has a bona fide medical degree, is Jesuit trained and the head of an internationally highly regarded infectious disease laboratory — rather than in the impulsive rantings of a medically untrained person who has often publicly stated that he does not wear a mask because it “does not look good.” Until Covid-19 is controlled by vaccine or sensible practices, please wear a mask.

 Dominus vobiscum!

                Ricardo Silva

                Colorado Springs

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