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Suggesting a prayer to Jesus Christ

Letter to the Editor

11/20/2020 | Comments

This letter is written to share with our readers a question/problem that has bothered me for some time, despite sixteen years of Catholic education.

The problem is that the Catholic Church does not have a prayer to Jesus Christ on the same use or recitation as the Our Father or the Hail Mary. All Catholics learn these prayers when they are small children, and consequently they are the automatic prayers in time of crisis or adoration.

The addition of a prayer to Jesus Christ, meant to be utilized on a frequent or daily basis, would in no way diminish, or reduce the frequency of our sacred prayers: the Our Father (given to us directly by Jesus Christ) and the Hail Mary (direct from Scripture - Gospel of Luke). The object of a daily prayer to Jesus would be to establish an individual personal relationship to Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile our Protestant brothers do emphasize personal relationships with Jesus as demonstrated in their music, prayers and rallies (Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, etc.). Many Protestants believe that the Catholics have elevated Mary over Jesus due to the many public devotions, prayers, shrines, music, etc.

I realize that to establish a prayer that has the same familiarity as the Our Father and Hail Mary would take decades and could only be accomplished by the Catholic education system as approved by the Church’s hierarchy.

Below is a sample prayer, short and to the point:

Jesus Christ, Savior of mankind, we recall your blessed words. “I am the way, the truth, and the light, no one comes to the Father except through me.” Help me to live my life in accordance with your teachings, and I pray that I may be worthy to join you in your heavenly home.

The lay members of the church could also contribute to this effort by spreading the idea with their family, friends, and of course their clergy. I realize this is an almost impossible task, but with prayer and help from above, it might be accomplished.

                Tom Plush

                Colorado Springs

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