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SMHS returning to full-time, in-person instruction

03/19/2021 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. One week ago marked one-year since St. Mary’s High School was last together as a whole community. On March 29, St. Mary’s will return to full in-person instruction with students and teachers on campus five days a week. It will have been 54 weeks and three days — 381 days total — since the pandemic forced the school into the “new normal” of combining in-person and online instruction.

“It’s time to come back together,” said Deacon Rob Rysavy, president of St. Mary’s High School. “The vaccine is rolling out and numbers are dropping, making it safer to be together again. Masks will still be required and we’ll encourage social distancing, but we’re excited to see all of our students on campus together again.”

Those first weeks of online instruction in the spring of 2020 were often challenging as teachers and students tried to quickly adapt. Lessons were learned and systems were streamlined. While the St. Mary’s community is excited to be coming back together, online learning will continue to be an option through the St. Mary’s Pirate Online Program. Investments made in technology during the last year now allow for St. Mary’s classes to be “synchronous” — to be available online, in real time, for online students. Lectures are also recorded and available for students to return to view later, if they are unable to join synchronously. This new program will allow students outside of commuting distance at St. Mary’s to access a St. Mary’s education.

“One positive to come out of this challenging year dealing with educating during a pandemic is new opportunities to educate more kids,” said Mike Biondini, St. Mary’s principal. “The kids are the heart of all we do here, and the possibility to serve more families is going to be a positive for both St. Mary’s and the community.”

St. Mary’s has always worked to serve the community. Transportation service from Pueblo, Monument, and Falcon has helped families in outlying areas access the quality, faith-based education that St. Mary’s provides. With the addition of the Pirate Online program, families who live even further away will be able to call St. Mary’s home.

“We are overjoyed that our new Pirate Online program will allow St. Mary’s to be a part of the lives of even more families,” Deacon Rysavy said.

For more information on either in-person admission at St. Mary’s or our Pirate Online Program, contact Jane Cummings, director of Admissions, at

(Amy G. Partain is Director of Communications for St. Mary’s High School.)

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