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SMHS art students prep for upcoming competitions

03/18/2022 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. With an overarching semester theme of “Art in Public Spaces,” the art department at St. Mary’s High School has had an eventful start to 2022.

Art students have been busy preparing for several competitions and opportunities to have their works publicly displayed.

“This focus has allowed the St. Mary’s art community the opportunity to really look at our surroundings and participate in our communities by preparing, creating and contributing our original art work for our participation in these competitions and exhibitions,” said Rosario Weston, art teacher at St. Mary’s.

The first competition of the year that the students have entered is the local 15th Annual Teen Art Contest at the Pikes Peak Library District, where Weston and all art students traveled on a field trip to the Penrose Library in Colorado Springs to submit their creations.

“I think the library field trip was very enjoyable. It was great to be able to see where our art works would be displayed; it made all our hard work seem worth it,” said senior Aspen Nelson.

The awards ceremony will be on March 29 at 6 p.m. at the East Library in Colorado Springs. “Everyone is welcome,” Weston noted with enthusiasm.

Additionally, students took photos of their works to enter as digital art entries to the “Doodle for Google” contest. This is a large international competition that will select entries to be featured on the Google homepage as a Google Doodle.

“Google is a generous organization and the prizes will be sizable,” Weston said. “We are so happy to have the opportunity to take part in a competition with a company that is global in scope, but our motivation is simply to have the experience and being able to participate in a big international competition.”

On March 7, students began working on the 2022 silhouette competition for the Western Heritage Spirit of Colorado Springs.

“St. Mary’s has placed in the top three during the eight years it has participated in this competition and we are excited to have such a strong track record,” Weston said. “We have a lot of pressure to do well again this year.”

These accomplishments would not be possible without the collaboration and dedication of all of the art students who have been receiving Weston’s guidance throughout the entire process.

“I think the competitions we have been entering are really important, especially because they allow St. Mary’s art students to be out in the Colorado Springs community contributing to its beauty via the artwork we produce,” said Weston. “In addition, our participation in these events allows St. Mary’s to become better known by other people in the community.”

The creative process and maintaining a safe environment in class are critical to the success of each art student. In addition to being resourceful through repurposing frames and using old mats to finalize their pieces, the art students “use creativity and other items in our environment to create their vision while enhancing their artwork,” Weston said.

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