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Protecting life of unborn only way to combat culture of death

03/17/2017 | Comments

Regarding the article “The Unborn and the Undocumented” in the Feb. 17 Herald, I agree that as Catholics we should uphold the dignity of all. We need to fight against a culture of death where people are valued for what they do for others, not who they are.
However, I disagree that “no single issue is more important that the other.” The right to life is absolutely essential to building a culture of life and foundational for all other rights. The direct killing of the God’s innocent children in the most brutal ways imaginable must take precedence if we claim to value every life. If we do not protect the life of the most vulnerable, then no one’s life will be valued, and any concern over and above this will fail to be protected.
Patricia McCarty
Colorado Springs

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