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One Nation Walking Together needs donations, volunteers

Letter to the Editor

06/02/2017 | Comments

Last winter, two members of my family went to Standing Rock, North Dakota, to bring firewood and supplies to help their friends at Rosebud Camp. Because of the stories they brought back, I became more aware of the plight of many Native Americans living on reservations. I support the “Water Protectors” in their efforts to respect “Mother Earth.”  With our nation’s water, soil, and air under siege I feel proud to join them in their peaceful, prayerful, loving protests at the way our earth is being treated.  I cannot help but notice that their Native American beliefs and actions about our common home parallel the feelings and concerns of Pope Francis. After attending several sessions at my parish studying the Pope’s 2016 “Laudato Si” this spring, I realize that we Catholics have a heavy responsibility to protect the gifts God has given us in the world He has created for us all.     

I started volunteering at One Nation Walking Together to help our brothers and sisters living on reservations. We sort and pack up donations of clothing, furniture, bedding, food, housewares, school/educational/medical supplies, and building materials that are trucked to reservations in eight states. One Nation receives no support from any government agency or United Way. Funds come from donations, and from annual fundraising events. 

Their annual Native American Powwow, taking place June 10 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Expo Center, 3650 N. Nevada, is one such event. This intertribal get-together with traditional dancing, music, and Native food is a way tribal members share their culture with the Pikes Peak community. Admission is $4 with kids 12 and under free. All proceeds from the event are donated to One Nation for its charitable efforts on reservations. The Powwow is put on by volunteers; no one is paid. I invite you and your family to come to this authentic, colorful, down-to-earth event with tribal members seriously engaged, almost continuously. Volunteer help is always welcomed at the Powwow too. For more details, call One Nation at 719-329-0251.

                Sally Green

                Colorado Springs

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