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Message of Advent parish mission was well-received

Letter to the Editor

01/19/2018 | Comments

I attended an Advent mission at St. Peter Church in Monument a couple of weeks ago in preparation for Christmas.  The mission was given by Father Greg from Denver, who spoke on recognizing the gifts from God, especially the grace that surrounds us in people in our everyday lives. We should be open to their grace and allow our own grace to shine upon them.

I have been remarkably touched, even miraculously touched, in the weeks since then by God’s grace.  Let me give you, this Christmas season, one example:

Over the last three days, three different strangers have come to our door to deliver a small nicely wrapped box.  It is accompanied by a parchment scroll of scripture (telling the Nativity narrative) encircled by a simple ribbon.  In the first one was a set of tiny figures — Mary, Joseph, and a donkey.  The following night a distinguished gentleman delivered a box containing a shepherd, angels, and three precious sheep. This morning a joyful young woman brought a bit bigger box containing three Wise Men and their three majestic camels. The manger is not quite complete on this December 23, so perhaps another ‘angel” will visit soon.

With all that is going on in our lives, this gift of grace has affected me deeply and I send the Christ child’s blessings to you all!


                Kerry Baerman


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