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Disappointed that Trump okayed Planned Parenthood funding

Letter to the Editor

04/06/2018 | Comments

To my great regret and disappointment, President Trump signed the omnibus spending bill into law. That bill will give $500 million taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood. Donald Trump, while he was campaigning for president, promised he would defund Planned Parenthood.

By law, Planned Parenthood isn’t allowed to use taxpayer funds to pay for abortions. However, someone would have to be extremely naïve and gullible to believe they wouldn’t use at least some, if not much, or most of that money, for that purpose. Even if they didn’t, that $500 million will, at least indirectly, help to pay for abortions, since absent that money, Planned Parenthood would have to raise and spend quite a bit of money for non-abortion related costs and services. Now, with that money, they can divert the money they won’t have to spend from other sources on non-abortion services, to pay for abortions.

I realize that President Trump did sign the Omnibus bill mainly to be able to spend a lot more money on the military. I couldn’t agree more, that the military does need and does deserve quite a bit more money, for a pay raise and most importantly, to spend on repairing and replacing equipment and updating and modernizing weapons systems, and all of that is well and good and necessary, to say the least.

However I’m very uncomfortable with the fact, at least in part, that while the military will get what they need and deserve in this bill, in order for that to happen, in that same bill because of all the money Planned Parenthood will receive who knows how many innocent unborn children will end up losing their lives, due to being aborted.


Jerry Buckingham

Colorado Springs

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