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Couples celebrating milestone anniversaries invited to June 16 Mass

05/17/2019 | Comments

COLORADO SPRINGS. On June 16, Bishop Michael Sheridan will celebrate the annual Anniversary Mass for couples celebrating one, five, 10, 25, 50 and more than 50 years of marriage in 2019. The Mass will take place at 2:30 p.m. at St. Mary’s Cathedral, followed by a reception.

Those who plan to attend should register with their parish, giving their names, number of years of marriage and how many people will attend the reception.

“When we started this tradition in the diocese quite a few years ago, we first honored the married couples celebrating 25 or more years of marriage,” said Christian Meert, co-director of the Office of Marriage and Family Life. “We realized that it was an incredible blessing for these couples, and Bishop Sheridan decided to include couples celebrating their first, fifth and tenth wedding anniversaries.”

“It’s especially exciting for those celebrating their first anniversary,” Meert said. “The newly-married couples realize that they are part of a much larger community; they can see many seasoned couples who went through life together and are still going strong 60 or 70 years after their wedding. It’s also very good for the seasoned couples to mingle with the newer generation.”

One of the newly-married couples that plans to attend the Anniversary Mass is Charlotte and Jaime Sandoval, who were married last August at Corpus Christi Church.

“I thinking having an Anniversary Mass will help us realize how much time has passed and how well we’ve grown together,” Charlotte Sandoval said. “Honestly, sometimes it still feels like the wedding was yesterday and we’re still on our honeymoon. Our faith has really brought us together as a team, so it’s fitting to celebrate with the Anniversary Mass, and we are so looking forward to it.” 

St. Mary’s Cathedral parishioners Rudy and Carmen Lopez, who recently celebrated their 25th anniversary, said that attending the Anniversary Mass helped them to savor the joy of the occasion.

“Bishop Sheridan had a joyful and inspirational homily inviting couples to mirror God’s love in their relationship,” said Rudy Lopez. “We walked out happy and motivated to continue walking our lives together with God by our side.”

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