December 2, 2016  |  

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December 2, 2016  |  By MOST REV. MICHAEL SHERIDAN

The holy season of Advent highlights the Blessed Virgin Mary as the exemplar of the hopes of the people of the Old Testament. She embodies the people who wait and hope for the coming of the Lord, now and at the end of time.

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December 2, 2016  |  By JOSEPH NUVOLINI
COLORADO SPRINGS. It’s the difference between awareness and comprehension — the difference between going to Mass and understanding Mass. Many Catholics know Jesus, His church and the Mass; other Catholics understand Jesus, His church and the Mass.
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November 18, 2016  |  By GEORGE WEIGEL

Looking for some uplift after this tawdry election cycle? Some inspiration for tackling what lies ahead? A good way to enrich Advent? Examples of sanctity to help you be the missionary disciple you were baptized to be? Then let me recommend Bishop Robert Barron’s new DVD series, “Catholicism: The Pivotal Players.”

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Time of Mercy

Holy doors close, but mission of mercy continues
VATICAN CITY. The Year of Mercy brought more than 20 million pilgrims to Rome, but for Pope Francis, the idea always was that the celebration of God’s mercy would be local: have people experience God’s love in their parishes and send them out into the world to commit random acts of mercy.
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November 18, 2016  |  By THERESA WARD
COLORADO SPRINGS. Before Father Larry Solan, pastor of St. Patrick Parish, took a leave of absence to have surgery for cancer last July, he made an unusual request: he asked everyone in the parish to write him a note with something they wanted him to pray for during his recovery.

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