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Open Letter to Society on Violence, Family, and Gender

07/19/2016 | Comments

Horrified and sickened by our nation’s surge in violence and wondering why it is happening and what you can do about it? Me too. Being Catholic, faith is an inherent part of my response, but this sickness of fear and anger erupting into violence affects all people regardless of faith. Some of the answer, I believe, is common to us all: humble obedience to our biological gender and living up to what that means in our life while simultaneously upholding and supporting the equal and different calling of the opposite gender.

Society’s Choices, Family’s Demise

Put simply and starkly, the family has suffered more attacks in the last 150 years than at any other time in history and the horrors we are witnessing now are some of the fruit of those attacks.

Casualties of the War on Marriage and Family

Innocent humans are slaughtered in the cradle of their mother’s womb - a horrific betrayal of a woman’s gift and responsibility to bear new life. As a society we cannot respect other's lives if we do not respect human life in the womb, where it is most vulnerable. This is self-evident common sense and requires no faith to fathom.

The agenda to separate the pleasure of sex from fertility is a literal castration, however temporary, of both men and women. It  contributes to the destruction of families by removing sacrificial love and humble obedience to each other from the act of sex. Artificial contraception inherently objectifies both self and other as objects of pleasure to selfishly use and be used. Sex outside lifelong marriage between one man and one woman is always selfish and always erodes family.
Science has caught up with what human morality has always known: traditional families of a husband and wife who become father and mother through the gift of life are the best (and until recent decades) and normative situation to raise children.

Gender is Natural Law

Gender distinction includes complimentary and equal callings for men and women. How these callings are best answered differs by individual but every man is called to protect, provide, and explore and every woman is called to bear new life, nurture, and create hearth. These role distinctions are precisely the ones rejected and attacked over the last century and a half by progressives, whose only progress has been undermining the human person and adulterating marriage and family.  Because of these attacks on men being men and women being women, men feel no obligation to provide, protect, and then explore from a home hearth of family. Likewise, women do not see the value of hearth and home, bearing life, and nurturing others. The result is a plethora of broken families and children raised in broken homes without fathers.

Restore Marriage and Family, Heal Society

How do we restore the family and help heal this sickness of rage in our society that erupts in the current gauntlet of violence? Humble obedience to our biological gender. This inherently ends abortion, restores marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman for life and creates a mutual respect and proper reverence for women by men, men by women with each of us respecting ourselves. In the history of humanity, all but one woman and one man have betrayed their gender and their humanity by falling for sin. Despite this reality, righteous men and women are called to live up to their humanity and respond to their specific calls by ardently striving for humble obedience to chastity over lust, temperance over gluttony, charity over greed, diligence over sloth, mercy over wrath, kindness over envy, and humility over pride.

Natural Law Hits a Show Stopper

Such righteousness is a universal calling for all people, regardless of faith, based on the same natural law our nation’s founding fathers appealed to in the Declaration of Independence. However, secular thought eventually hits a wall at implementation: all people of good will eventually discover they can’t overcome the sin into which they were born and have since fallen deeper into. We each hunger for and need Jesus our Christ to cleanse us. All desire for Good yearns to be Catholic when it grows up.

Catholics and the Holy Family for the Win

For Catholics, we have the beautiful gift of the Holy Family to guide us in answering God’s call to us, partly revealed to us by our God-given gender: the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Humble Heart of Joseph. May the Holy Family guide and nurture us as we strive to protect, provide and nurture marriage and family as the tabernacle of new life!