The Mystery of the Missing Host

By Sean M. Wright

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Friar Raymond della Vigna was perplexed.

Sometime in 1375, the priest, a member of the Order of Preachers founded by St. Dominic, was celebrating Mass. As the moment of consecration approached, he prayed that the wafer of bread he held would become the veritable body of Christ by virtue of his speaking the words of Jesus at the Last Supper, “For this is My body”.

EL BÁCULO DEL OBISPO: Las vocaciones son la llave de la puerta a los sacramentos

By Obispo James R. Golka

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Jesús convocó a los Doce y les dio poder y autoridad para expulsar a toda clase de demonios y para curar las enfermedades. Y los envió a proclamar el Reino de Dios y a sanar a los enfermos”. – Lucas 9, 1-2

Queridos hermanos y hermanas en Cristo,

Es habitual que, durante las liturgias, un obispo lleve la mitra ceremonial. La mitra es un símbolo de autoridad. Es importante señalar que esta autoridad no significa: “Yo soy tu jefe y tú haces lo que yo digo”. Es una autoridad mucho mejor que esa. Esta es la autoridad que Jesús dio a los apóstoles y a la Iglesia (¡es decir, a nosotros!) para actuar en su nombre

Woodland Park blood drive most successful in region

By Doug Fitzgerald

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WOODLAND PARK. The Knights of Columbus are out for blood — in the best possible way.

Their bimonthly blood drive, held at Our Lady of the Woods Church, has seen remarkable growth in 2023. Where 2022 was consistently around 70 donors per drive, that number went to 76 in March before skyrocketing to 94 in May, 106 in July and 122 in September.



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