May 17, 2019  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. When Colleen Carroll Campbell arrived at St. Mary’s High School in the fall of 1989 as a sophomore, she thought nothing about her drive for perfection. In fact, if anything, she thought striving for perfection pushed her to achieve her goals. Her dream was to become an actress and those first-place finishes at speech and debate tournaments would only help her on the quest. Now, as a journalist and mother of four, Campbell explores perfectionism in her new book, “The Heart of Perfection: How the Saints Taught Me to Trade My Dream of Perfect for God’s,” which will release on May 21.
April 19, 2019  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. As Ben Bodnar and Daniel Zill entered their second season on the forensics team at St. Mary’s High School in the fall of 2018, both knew they wanted to try a new event, duo interpretation. Together they looked at pieces and chose Wayne and Shuster’s “Rinse the Blood Off My Toga,” a parody of ancient Rome and Julius Caesar with a bit of Shakespeare thrown in, for its general story and fun lines. As they began those early practices of the piece in the fall, they had no idea that it would take them to the finals in the CHSAA State Speech and Debate Tournament in February, where they eventually placed fourth.
April 5, 2019  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. In 1969, Neil Armstrong famously made “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” when he became the first person to walk on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Fifty years later, St. Mary’s High School, inspired by that famous scientific event, hopes to make one giant leap for its students at this year’s “Out of This World”-themed Annual Gala. Funds raised during the 2019 special Gift from the Heart appeal at the gala will be used to bring the school’s science labs into the 21st century. The gala is Saturday, April 27, at The Antlers Hotel and will include dinner, a silent and live auction, dancing and more. For more information about the gala, to register online or to donate to the Gift from the Heart appeal, visit
March 15, 2019  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. Mercy is an important theme in our Christian faith. We ask for it from God and he expects us to show it to others. Divine Mercy is the central theme of the live multimedia production “Faustina,” produced by Saint Luke Productions. A week before the Lenten season began this year, St. Mary’s High School students and area Catholic seventh- and eighth- graders learned more about the origins of the liturgical feast of the Divine Mercy through this production, which was hosted by St. Mary’s High School.
January 18, 2019  |  By AMY PARTAIN

COLORADO SPRINGS. Most teens, as well as adults, like to be comfortable. We enjoy being around people who are like us and share similar interests.

Last October, during a 10-day mission trip to Brazil, one St. Mary’s High School senior discovered that sometimes life is best when you move outside of your comfort zone. The mission trip with a group from Our Lady of the Pines was the first international missions trip for Samuel Baldwin, and it changed his outlook on life and service.

December 21, 2018  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. Next month, school choice in Colorado will be in full swing, and residents do have many schools to choose from. But there is only one Catholic high school in southern Colorado, and there are many reasons for families to choose St. Mary’s High School. At St. Mary’s, students are inspired by faith, empowered by knowledge, and united by community.
December 7, 2018  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. For most Colorado residents it’s probably hard to remember the first time they saw snow. But for three international students at St. Mary’s High School, this year’s early snows provided their first glimpse of frozen precipitation. Maria Emilia Garcia Montes, known as Emi, Martin Garcia Morales, and Sebastian deJesus Hernandez Liquez are the three newest international students to attend St. Mary’s and are part of a new partnership the school has with “Faces & Our Culture,” which is a cultural exchange program between Guatemala and the United States.
November 16, 2018  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. For years, Bishop Michael Sheridan has been a part of the bestowing of St. Mary’s High School’s Marian Award. The award has traditionally been presented after Mass on All Saints’ Day. This year, however, Bishop Sheridan himself will receive the award on Dec. 7 after the annual Grandparents Mass.
October 5, 2018  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. The high school experience shapes much of who a person becomes. Academics help students achieve college goals and discern future career paths. Sports and clubs teach teamwork and hone leadership skills. And at faith-based schools, like St. Mary’s High School, students are also encouraged to explore and build their relationship with God.
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