January 19, 2018  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. Last January, hundreds of Catholic students in the Colorado Springs area converged on St. Mary’s High School for Embrace Vocations Day to learn more about discerning God’s will for their lives as they continue their faith journey. St. Mary’s is again hosting the diocesan-wide Embrace Vocations Day on Jan. 30, with this year’s theme being “Discernment and Calling: How Do I Live Out God’s Plan?”
December 15, 2017  |  By SANDRA RIVERA
COLORADO SPRINGS. The St. Paul Catholic School Community feels thankful every day for the many gifts it is given. That was especially true during the month of November.
December 15, 2017  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. Each December, St. Mary’s High School honors grandparents when they are invited to join the student body in celebrating the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. This year the multi-generational group gathered in the school gym on Friday, Dec. 8, for Mass, which was followed by a reception for the grandparents.
November 17, 2017  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. Sydney Burtwistle’s 17th birthday was a memorable one; that day she landed in Rome for her first trip overseas. Two days later, she and her family were scheduled to go to the Vatican where they would meet Pope Francis. While exciting, the trip was bittersweet for Sydney and her family, who were invited to the Vatican so the youngest member of the Burtwistle family, Olivia, could be blessed by the Pope. Olivia was diagnosed with Juvenile Batten Disease in 2011, just two months shy of her eighth birthday.
November 3, 2017  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. When Mike Biondini retired from the Widefield School District after 31 years, he wasn’t sure what interests he would pursue. He was working toward joining an investment group when he heard that St. Mary’s High School had a counselor position open. Interested in the possibility of returning to his alma mater, Biondini applied for the position and began working at St. Mary’s.
October 20, 2017  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. In the span of life, the four years spent in high school can seem small. Yet the impact that those four years can have on a life is far from insignificant. Each October St. Mary’s High School recognizes former high school athletes for their contributions on the field by inducting new members into its Athletic Hall of Fame and new teams into the Exemplary Sports Team Enshrinement. And each year, the inductees note the positive impact that their high school experiences had on their lives.
October 11, 2017  |  

COLORADO SPRINGS. Holy Apostles Preschool is holding a gala on Oct. 20 at 6 p.m. at Holy Apostles Church to celebrate the preschool’s 40th anniversary. Everyone from the community is invited to join the preschool to celebrate with drinks and cake, pictures and a silent auction. 

Admission is free.

Proceeds from the silent auction will be used to keep quality teachers, update technology and replace educational resources. 

Holy Apostles Preschool was founded in 1976 as a co-op that requires parents to help in their child’s room on a regular basis. 
For more information, visit events page at Holy Apostles.
For more information about Holy Apostles Preschool visit www.holyapostlespreschool.org.

(Ed. Note: Updated 10/11/17)

October 6, 2017  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. Living out the Catholic faith means working to make the world a better place. That goal aligned perfectly with the Future City competition, which one St. Mary’s High School student participated in all three years of middle school. Not only did the competition teach Alex Baburnic, now a sophomore at St. Mary’s, to look for physical ways to change the world, but it gave him the confidence that he could succeed in doing just that.
September 16, 2017  |  By AMY PARTAIN
COLORADO SPRINGS. High school is a time to investigate interests. This year students at St. Mary’s High School have more areas of interests in science to explore, thanks to three new semester-long classes. During the fall semester, marine biology and nuclear chemistry were added to the course catalog. In the spring semester, a new microbiology class will be added.
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