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December 20, 2019  |  By SEAN WRIGHT

When was Christ born of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary?

Christians asked that question throughout the first centuries. The Church, however, was more concerned with the anniversary of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection as the central flashpoints of history.

December 6, 2019  |  By DEACON RICK BAUER

Thoughtful Catholics like to read, and it’s always a joy to recommend good Catholic books to give as gifts. This year we’ve sorted them by several themes, so you can root around and have a selection of good ones. All are thoroughly Catholic, thoroughly Christian, and well written. So, go get your shopping list, get a cuppa, sit down, and let’s go shopping!

December 6, 2019  |  By CHRISTINA CAPECCHI

Robert May was painfully aware of the distance between his dreams and his reality.

The 34-year-old Dartmouth graduate had long fantasized about writing the great American novel. Instead, he was working a mediocre job as an ad man for Montgomery Ward, cranking out forgettable copy about silk sheets and white shirts. He lived in a tiny apartment with his ill wife and young daughter.

December 6, 2019  |  By SEAN WRIGHT

Time was when the cultural celebration of Christmas began the evening of Dec. 24 and ended the evening of Jan. 6 — 12 days. 

As late as the 1940s it was still traditional to wait until Christmas Eve to set up the family tree. Oh, parents might go out a day or two beforehand to tack up strings of colored lights to outline their houses’ porches and gables and hang an evergreen wreath on the door. Even so, the crèche, tree and other major decorations were not seen till Christmas Eve.

November 15, 2019  |  By KERRY PEETZ
BLESSINGS IN BLOOM: Winter Gardening Tips

Winter does not officially begin until Dec. 21 (ending on March 19, 2020), but most Coloradoans have already experienced a hard freeze and a pretty good snow or two. Here are a few tips to help keep landscapes in good shape over the next wintery, topsy-turvy temperature months.


Pope Francis named John Henry Cardinal Newman a Catholic saint last month. Newman was a contemporary of our foundress, Saint Jeanne Jugan, and probably knew our early communities in England. He grew up and was educated in the Church of England, and for many years flourished as a prominent Anglican preacher and intellectual before converting to Catholicism in 1845.

November 1, 2019  |  By FATHER TAD PACHOLCZYK

Because suffering almost always imposes itself on us during life, and especially at the end of life, it can be helpful to reflect on the need to accept some personal suffering as we die, even as we recognize the importance of palliative steps and other comfort measures.

November 1, 2019  |  By CHRISTINA CAPECCHI

It’s become a four-generation tradition to head south of the cities and take in a small-town celebration of fall. Our route winds between soaring bluffs and a shimmering lake. It feels like a narrow passageway, a tunnel back in time.

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