Defeating the culture of death

Father Mulinda delivers rousing keynote address at Rocky Mountain March for Life
February 21, 2020  |  By MARY SIMMONS

COLORADO SPRINGS. Hundreds of people joined the St. Mary’s High School Students for Life and the Diocese of Colorado Springs Respect Life Apostolate for the annual Rocky Mountain March for Life on Jan. 20. It was a beautiful day as we prayed and marched for the sanctity of life. Carrying new signs declaring that “Civil Rights Begin in the Womb,” we recognized Martin Luther King Jr. Day and proclaimed the sacred value of all life. SMHS Student for Life member Anthony Wilmot emceed the events at the Planned Parenthood sidewalk, including ecumenical prayer and a pro-life rosary, led respectively by Pastor Jeff Anderson and Father Joe Dygert.

February 7, 2020  |  By JULIE BAILEY

DENVER. “Every Life if a Gift” was the theme for the 2020 Celebrate Life Rally and March in Denver on Jan. 11. The Respect Life Apostolate for the Diocese of Colorado Springs chartered a bus and took 51 devoted pro-life warriors from around our diocese and Pueblo to celebrate the gift of life.

February 7, 2020  |  By MICHELE MASON

COLORADO SPRINGS. “What happened to the strong man?”

     “I’m sorry — but what strong man? What are you talking about?”

     “You know,” she said. “The statue of the muscular, demonic figure that used to be perched on the roof. I walk by here all the time, and I always see it. It’s not there today. What happened to it?”

     “There never was any statue.”

This conversation, as shared in the book “40 Days for Life” by David Bereit and Shawn Carney, really happened. No one else had seen that demon, but this woman had seen it on the roof of the abortion clinic time and time again as she walked past the clinic. After the abortion center was closed and the building was prayed over, the physical representation showing a spiritual reality was gone.

January 17, 2020  |  

COLORADO SPRINGS. The Benet Hill Community is holding a lecture series on the prevention of human trafficking on Monday evenings at 6:30 p.m. at Library 21C, 1175 Chapel Hills Dr.

January 17, 2020  |  

COLORADO SPRINGS. Several events will take place in the Diocese of Colorado Springs in commemoration of the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the United States.

December 20, 2019  |  By JULIE BAILEY

COLORADO SPRINGS. Father Jim Baron will celebrate the annual Mass of the Holy Innocents at 11 a.m. on Dec. 28 at Holy Apostles Church in Colorado Springs.

December 6, 2019  |  

COLORADO SPRINGS. A ballot initiative that would ban abortions after the 22nd week of pregnancy has been approved by state election officials in Colorado. A group called the Coalition for Women and Children, which is based in Englewood, filed the proposed initiative.

November 15, 2019  |  By VERONICA AMBUUL

COLORADO SPRINGS. Fear of suffering and a lack of appreciation for the dignity of each human person are two of the driving forces in the culture of death, said Sister of Life Maris Stella, who was the keynote speaker at the Bishop’s Respect Life Dinner on Oct. 24 at The Broadmoor Hotel.

September 6, 2019  |  By JULIE BAILEY

COLORADO SPRINGS. Out of the proceeds of the 2017 Bishop’s Respect Life Dinner, the Salida Pregnancy Resource Center (SPRC) received $10,000 to help them expand their hours and add professional staff in support of their mission to help women during pregnancy.

September 6, 2019  |  By MICHELE MASON

“Then the Lord God formed the man out of the dust of the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” (Gen 2:7)

The phrase “breath of life” took on a whole new meaning when, at seven months pregnant, I found out our preborn son may or may not be able to breathe once he was born.

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