YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY (for young adults in their 20's and 30's)





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Our Mission

The Office of Young Adult Ministry seeks to accompany young adults in their late teens, twenties and thirties, married and single, as they respond to the universal call to holiness.  Our aim is to educate young adults to discern God's plan for them in their lives and to accept this as their mission.

As part of the Total Catholic Education office, our mission is to coordinate and help support the Young Adult programs provided in parishes and group ministry teams. By advertising and promoting their scheduled events through a centralized source, we create unity and mutual support on our faith journey.


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Colorado Springs Catholic Young Adults

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Our Parishes

Parishes in the Diocese of Colorado Springs area that offer programs for young adults include:

Corpus Christi | Holy Apostles | Our Lady of Guadalupe | Sacred Heart (CS) | St. Francis of Assisi (CS) | St. Francis of Assisi (CR) | St. Gabriel the Archangel | St. Patrick |  St. Peter | St. Mark



Upcoming Events - September 2019 








Catholic Apps!

Technology offers Catholics many tools for praying, communicating, and learning about their faith. One such tool comes in the form of apps. Apps, short for applications, are software programs used on a smartphone and other mobile device such as the Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, or iPad.

While members of the younger generation used to be the primary users of apps, driving sales and popularity, all age groups are using them today. Figures, as reported in a March 2010 survey released by The Nielsen Company, attributed the growth projection to falling prices, increasing capabilities, and the explosion of apps available for the devices.

iPieta -
"Great one-stop shop" for Catholics who want to grow in their faith. It includes the Bible, feast days, daily readings, devotions, prayers, writings of saints, popes and Church fathers, and Catholic commentaries.

Universalis -
A similar but less-robust alternative to iPieta.

New Mass -
This app was designed to help prepare for changes to the Roman Missal by listing the current translation of prayers, the new translation (implemented Nov. 27) and a brief explanation for the change.

iBreviaryTS -
Site requires translation: Handy for anyone who prays the Liturgy of the Hours.

Divine Office -
Comparable to iBreviaryTS.

Other apps on the list of favorites are: Confession, iMissal, Catholic Mass Times, Catholic News Live, iRosary, and Compendium of the Catechism.

Some apps are free, many are as low as $.99-$3.99; and premiums apps can run up to $20.