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Dear friends in Christ,

Greetings in the Lord! If you are interested in knowing more about the priesthood or the religious life I invite you to contact me, at (719) 866-6486. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have, either in person or by phone.

God has blessed our diocese with an increase of vocations to the diocesan priesthood in the last two years. Even with 15 men preparing for ordination, our local Church needs many more good, holy priests to serve the people of this fast-growing diocese.

If the Lord has not called you to the priesthood or religious life I ask that you pray daily for an increase of vocations. I especially ask that, when possible, you spend your time in prayer for vocations before the Blessed Sacrament. This Eucharistic prayer has proven to be most powerful in many places, including our own diocese. If you think that God might be calling you to be a priest or consecrated religious, be sure to pray that you might hear the call clearly. Please pray for our seminarians, too, that they will persevere and, if it be God's will, that they will be ordained to priesthood.

In addition to prayer, I ask that you make every effort to encourage the young men and women whom you know to consider seriously giving their lives to God as priests or religious sisters or brothers. Young people need to know that we love priests and religious and that we support those who follow Christ in these vocations.

Assuring you of my prayers for you, I am

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend James R. Golka
Bishop of Colorado Springs

  • Do I need a spiritual director before I apply to the seminary?
    Yes, adequate spiritual direction from a priest is an essential part of the discernment process. One’s parish priest is a great place to start. If one needs assistance finding a spiritual director, please contact our office.

  • What if I did not grow up in the Diocese of Colorado Springs?
    Our ideal candidate for the seminary has significant ties to the Diocese of Colorado Springs, including some of the following: growing up here, studying here, has family here, or has lived here. We are typically not interested in applicants who have no ties to our Diocese.

  • What if I am a late vocation?
    While we welcome second career vocations, the Diocese of Colorado Springs typically does not accept applicants over the age of 40.

  • What if I am interested in being a priest but not parish work?
    We are interested in candidates who want to serve as diocesan priests open to serving in metropolitan as well as rural or mountain areas, since our Diocese is diverse in geography. The work of a diocesan priest is typically that of a parish priest. Interested parties must also be open to the responsibility of becoming a pastor.

  • Do I need to attend diocesan events or meet the vocation team before applying?
    Yes, an ideal candidate is known not only to his parish priest but to the vocation team. Men who are seriously discerning the priesthood should contact the Vocation Office as soon as possible. Participating in diocesan vocation events throughout the year is a great way to discern.

  • Should Bishop Golka be my first point of contact?
    Bishop Golka takes the work of vocations very seriously and is closely involved in the discernment process. Due to the demands of his schedule, however, he should not be the first point of contact. Please contact the Vocation Office for more information.


  • Is Jesus Calling You to be a Catholic Priest, by: Msgr Thomas Richter
  • A Living Sacrifice: Guidance for Men Discerning Religious Life, by: Fr. Benedict Croell, O.P. and Fr. Andrew Hofer. O.P.
  • The Priest is Not His Own, by: Fulton Sheen
  • To Save a Thousand Souls by: by Fr. Brett A. Brannen
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  • God's Plan for You: Understanding Your Personal Vocation, by: Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz
  • Have I Been With You, by: Fr. Paul Hoesing
  • Uniformity With God's Will, by: St. Alphonsus Liguori
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