Miscarriage and Infant Loss Support

A brief resource guide to assist families who have experienced
the loss of a child to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death.

You are loved, you are not alone in your loss, and God's Divine Mercy is infinite.


Funeral Masses & Liturgical Rites

The Church understands that burying the dead is one of the corporal works of mercy (CCC 2447). The Church also affirms, “As regards children who have died without Baptism, the Church can only entrust them to the mercy of God, as she does in her funeral rites” (CCC 1261).

Miscarried and stillborn babies are children who have died without Baptism. This may also be the case with children who die soon after birth. Please know that you have a right to bury your miscarried child like any other family member. You also have a right to a Funeral or Memorial Mass for your child, no matter how early you miscarried, and even if you do not have bodily remains.

Please speak to your local parish and priest about your options. Not only is this a vital corporal work of mercy, but the opportunity to seek healing in our Lord is invaluable.


Caring for Physical Remains

In cases of early pregnancy loss it may be difficult to preserve the remains of your child, but if you are able to do so, Miscarriage Collection Kits are available from organizations such as: www.HeavensGain.org  and www.ElizabethMinistry.org

Saint Dominic Catholic Church also has these kits available, at no cost to families. Please contact the parish and ask for Father John Stearns: (719) 392-7653. The Diocese is currently working on making these kits more widely available. We appreciate your patience.

If you require surgical intervention to complete a miscarriage, Colorado Legal Statute 25-2-110.5 demands the proper care of your child's remains and their release to your family if you request it. Please be sure to ask the medical facility about your rights to your child's remains, if this is your family's situation, and rest assured that both major hospital systems in our area have policies in place to serve you in your time of need.


Burial, Cremation & Memorial Options

In addition to traditional services, many Catholic cemeteries offer special sections devoted specifically to preborn children.

Catholic Cemeteries & Columbariums in the Diocese: www.diocs.org/About/Catholic-Cemeteries

Dignity Memorial Funeral Homes facilities in our area offer services at reduced or no charge for preborn children and infants. Contact them directly for details.


Miscarriage Caskets and Vessels:


www.trappistcaskets.com/infant - Trappist Caskets offers infant caskets at no charge to families as an act of mercy in a great time of need.


Counseling & Support

Colorado Springs Miscarriage & Infant Loss Support Group

Support is available from those who have walked through miscarriage and infant loss and healing. Contact Jenni Helgoth at (719) 244-5031 or Ashley Slack at (719) 960-7197. Please stand-by as we work in the coming months to stand up an official support group.


Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers are lay counselors who have received extensive training on a variety of needs including grief counseling. Contact Melissa Smith at (719) 481-3511, ext. 1105 to be connected with a Stephen Minister near you.


Diocesan Approved Counselors

A full list of Diocesan approved counselors can be found on the Diocese website: Diocesan Approved Counselors   


Catholic Charities

Colorado Springs: https://www.ccharitiescc.org/health-well-being/counseling-services/

Denver: https://straphaelcounseling.com/


Additional Help & Healing

Catholic Miscarriage Support


An informational website about all things related to miscarriage from a Catholic perspective.


Behold Your Child Ministry, Archdiocese of Dubuque



A Mom’s Peace: Mothers of Miscarried & Stillborn Souls


A Mom’s Peace offers burial, bereavement and remembrance programs to support families in the immediate wake of their infant losses. They also offer an online memorial garden to help families honor their miscarried and stillborn children.