‘I Thirst’ - What Did the Crucified Jesus Drink Before He Died?

By Sean M. Wright

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At sunrise on a beautifully warm spring morning in April, the heavy beams of the wooden gates set in Jerusalem’s thick stone walls were swung open to let families stream up the hill and into the city. Laughing and singing, each family brought a special white, fleecy lamb. 

‘Food for the Soul’

By Sean M. Wright

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The quiet erudition of Doctor Peter Kreeft abounds in “Food for the Soul: Reflections on the Mass Readings (Cycle C),” a spiritual potluck for anyone seeking insights into Scripture without being assaulted by footnotes or continual references to critical commentators. 

BLESSINGS IN BLOOM: Colorado Blue Spruce

By Kerry Peetz

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The Colorado blue spruce is not only our state tree but one of the most attractive evergreens found in our diocese. The blue spruce — along with the Fraser fir, balsam fir, white pine, scotch pine and white spruce — all make fine, fresh Christmas trees. Tis the season for trees and boughs and a bright star to help us find the way.