Flowers and Herbs Named After Events in the Life of the Virgin Mary

By Sean M. Wright

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On Dec.  8 each year, the Catholic Church liturgically celebrates the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She recognized that her delivery from sin came about, not by her own merits, but by none other than “God my Savior” (Luke 1:46). This direct historical event set into motion God’s plan for humanity’s redemption. This humble and sanctified woman would then permit God to take human form within her womb (see Luke 1:38).

New Year, New You, New Ministry

By Aisha C. Young

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“Be the change you want to see in the world.” — Mahatma Ghandi.

As we look toward 2024, we are called to reflect on ourselves, our faith, and our community. Natural tithing occurs when we see a need and we meet that need. We are all blessed in various ways. Participating in the Project C.U.R.E. ministry allows us to prepare for the seasonal transition.

EL BÁCULO DEL OBISPO: Regalar el don de Jesús

By Bishop James R. Golka

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"Porque un niño nos ha nacido, un hijo nos ha sido dado” — Isaías 9:5

Queridos hermanos y hermanas en Cristo,

A medida que se acerca la Navidad, los días se vuelven más oscuros.  En Tierra Santa hay guerra e ira.  La cultura en la que vivimos parece cada vez más centrada en las cosas materiales del mundo.  Miramos a nuestro alrededor y vemos a los que están física y espiritualmente hambrientos, sedientos, desnudos, enfermos y encarcelados.  Puede parecer que la oscuridad es opresiva.



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