The Mission

To challenge and empower men through cooperation with God’s grace to live integrated and virtuous lives and to be free to live their vocation as husbands, fathers, or single men. We accomplish this through accountability, educational awareness, and ongoing pursuit of self-mastery.


The Challenge


Theology of the Body writer, Christopher West claims that up to 80% of adult Catholic men have used pornography and that up to 40% use it compulsively. Jeff Cavins, author of the Bible study program "The Great Adventure", claims a similar number; worse, he also claims that the wives always know something is wrong in such a marriage.  Even without any 'real' pornography, we are typically exposed to 15-20 sexually suggestive (or worse) situations during every hour of primetime television.

But this is what is so painful to all of us:

"At a 2003 meeting of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, two thirds of the 350 divorce lawyers who attended said the Internet pornography and chat rooms played a significant role in the divorces in the past year.  Pornography had an almost non-existent role in divorce just nine or ten years ago."



The Solution

The Diocese of Colorado has initiated the My House Men’s Groups. Men’s recovery meetings are a proven method to promote and help maintain sexual purity. Meetings are currently located at three parishes throughout Colorado Springs; new meetings will form as demand requires. Meetings are confidential!


How does it work?


Weekly meetings permit men to meet in a Catholic community, working in a confidential setting and learning life-changing skills.


Goals of My House Men’s Groups


Pillars of the men’s meetings: Humility, Honesty, Service

  1. To encourage men to live out the call of chastity in accord with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
  2. To foster fellowship and friendship among men who share a common goal of purity, recognizing that they are not alone in their struggle.
  3. To challenge men to be free from the barriers which inhibit them from fulfilling their call as husbands, fathers, and single men and to be examples in the workplace.
  4. To support the call of men to live lives fully engaged in their Catholic faith through avid participation in the sacraments and as servants in their family and community.


Men Have Said:


In 2006, my life fell apart. My wife found out that I had been struggling with lust and pornography. I lost her trust and almost lost our marriage. I realized that I couldn't put my life back together on my own; the Lord led me to the men's group. The men in that group challenged me to regain control of my life, to remain accountable to the group and to God and to return to a life of purity. The Lord healed me through the men in the group, through their shared victories, struggles and prayers. I am eternally grateful to the men in that group.

Group member

My priest suggested that I find a group. I sought a counselor and he suggested that I should attend a group meeting BEFORE our first session. During that first group meeting, I came to believe that there was hope for getting freedom from this addiction. This group of men showed me that I was living a lie - I was not being honest with myself! They challenged me to be honest with myself first. I was addicted and eventually I came to admit that. Sharing my story and listening to another's story is also a benefit. Letting others see my wounds and seeing their wounds is part of the healing process.

Group Member

Learn More: Contact Christian Meert, the Diocesan Director of the Office of Marriage and Family Life @ 719-900-8229.

A pure soul is like a fine pearl. As long as it is hidden in the shell at the bottom of the sea, no one thinks of admiring it. But if you bring it into the sunshine, this pearl will shine and attract all eyes.

St. John Vianney